Sarah Wah

“Working with Jake has been a real pleasure – he put his heart and soul into my project and it was a massive sense of relief and inspiration to have that kind of support when I was making big decisions about how to take my business forward. He is not only extremely technically savvy he also has the rare ability to explain complex technical processes in layman terms so that you understand them – I really valued this as it helped me to make informed decisions about the way my website worked and looked. He is absolutely on top of SEO and google ranking lists and I am delighted to say that after working with Jake my business now takes all top six positions in a Google search. Jake provides a holistic service that takes in all aspects of business from help with website construction, to developing social media presence, to building strategies for boosting profits etc. I don’t know of any other business that offers this breadth of service and at such a competitive rate. I can’t recommend Jake highly enough: his professionalism and commitment are second to none.”