Social media integration

Social media is key to driving traffic to your website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are important tools to help you and your company extend your reach to different clients on the world wide web.

Legal bits

We will help you to build your terms & conditions, privacy policies, cookie policies and will even help out with advice on new GDPR compliance.

Data backups

Keep your data safe.

Email and newsletter services

Powerful email solutions are included so that the company can grow without being worried about costs of adding new mailboxes. Newsletters are a great way to track and collect data about your customers and clients.

Website management

You IT aim to never be more than a phone call, email or txt message away from helping or assisting.
A great relationship with you means everything.

Shopping cart

Shopping cart and product functionality

Stable popular powerful plugins

Plugins may sometimes cost extra but why try to develop something that a team of ten people get out of bed to develop every day.

Mobile and tablet responsive

It is very important that websites look good on all devices: Desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Website updates

Critical security and software updates performed regularily

Client portal

Hosting, administration, project management and billing all in one.